To move automatically right or down at the push of tab or enter?


John P. Adams

How do I set my excel spreadsheet to automatically move to the cell at the
right after pressing Tab or Enter? Mine keeps moving down.




HI John P.
Goto > Tools > Options > Edit , you'll see Move selection after Enter select it
in the dropdown box.



Shane Devenshire


The behavior you describe is very unusual - Excel's default behaviour is to
move the cursor down when you press Enter or Return and to the right when you
Press Tab. If Excel is moving the cursor down when you press Tab this
suggest that there is a VBA program in your file or someone has modified the
keyboard assignments.

I am not sure whether you can override those. Because of this I would have
IT take a look at your system.

Since the default behavior of the tab key is to move the cursor to the right
and because there is no setting in Excel that would change that to down, I
suggest after you get you computer fixed that you use the Tab key to move
right. You do have control of the Enter key in Excel. You can change it to
move your right but since Tab does that it leaves more flexibility to retain
its normal behavior. You have already had instructions on how to change this

A little know feature of Excel: With the normal behavior in place if you
press Tab three times and then Enter the cursor moves down one row and to the
left 3 columns.

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