To clear the Open Other User's Folder list & To clear the Find a Contact list



What registry key would apply for Outlook 2007 for each catagory?

To clear the Open Other User's Folder list ...

The first article explains how to get to the right point in the registry.
The second article explains what value to look for (101e0390) once you get
to the right key in the right profile. It was written for Outlook 2000, but
applies to Outlook 2002 as well (Outlook 2002 being version 10.0 instead of
9.0). To clear the Open Other Users folders MRU in Outlook 2003, follow the
steps for Outlook 2000 but look for the binary value101f0390

To clear the Find a Contact list ...
This is the list of contacts that you recently looked up, using the Find a
Contact box on the toolbar. Make a backup of the Windows registry and then
delete this key:


Thanks JW


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