TMP%#MAU@ problem




I have a FE/BE solution with Access 2002. Every once in a while I like to
import into a blank database to clean things up. After the import I manually
set permissions on all objects, a tedious process, so I thought I would do it
in code by going through the Containers and Documents. All looked pretty good
until I tried to relink to a different BE. I have a dedicated user 'Owner'
that has necessary persmissions to do this, or so I thought. When I try to
relink by setting permissions in code, I get: error 3111, could not create:
no modify design permission for table or query TEMP%#MAU@. I dont' have this
problem if I set permissions manually???
This must be some sort of internal or temporary table that I have access to,
so I can't figure out how to debug this. I dumped all documents for 'Owner'
and this table doesn't show anywhere.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Thank You.


Follow up:

After some intensive searching I discovered that my user 'owner' needs
dbSecCreate permission on his 'Table' Container to avoid this error. This
permission option doesn't show in the GUI when setting permissions. It took
some digging to find it in code, but all is good now.
Thank You!
Jan 10, 2011
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Do you mind sharing your problem fix with us as I am having the same problem and trying to figure out how to fix it.


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