Linked Table Manager and Permissions Problem



In a split and secured Access 2000 db (managed under Access
2002), a user with admin permissions can use the Linked
Table Manager (LTM) and not have problems with it.

I've given my custom group "Field Admins" permissions to
everything except Admin for all objects, in both ends, but
when I try to use the LTM under a Field Admins account, it
gets to the last step, and then comes up with:

"Could not create: no modify design permission for table or
query 'TMP%#MAU@'." I have no table by that name, or
anything close.

Then, when I try to close the db, I get:

Could not create; no modify design permission for table or
query 'TempMSysAccessObjects'.

This problem has persisted thru the OS change from Win2k to

Anyone here care to offer any suggestions?


The tables you have been notified of are most likely hidden system tables.
To do this kind of modification, you will probaly need create table rights
or something similar...


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