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I am just beginning a project. I have a ppt pres. which I've used for live

I'm trying to turn it into an automated tutorial kind of thing. Right now,
I have slides with pictures of pages of music onto which I have added colored
(Semi_Transparent) text boxes which essentailly serve as highlighters of
various phrases of music. When I do this pres. live, I have most of them set
to appear on click - so I add the animations manually while describing the

For the tutorial, I'd like to be able to play the tune (usually about 4 or 5
minutes) and have the text (highlighter) boxes essentially synch to the
recording. So I"m wondering if it's possible to play the piece in the
background (I'm assuming to an embedded .wav file of it, set to play over
multiple screens) and have the various text boxes appear synched to a
corresponding time on the embedded recording.

To phrase it another way. Piece is playing - a page of music is showing. I
want a text box highlighting the soprano part to appear at 35 seconds into
the recording, another box on the alto part at 43 seconds, etc.

The score is usually 3 or 4 pages long - so I'd have the file play over the
4 slides - which I know how to do.

I'm using ppt 2007.





As Cosmo says, PPT isn't very good at synchronizing anything to music or any
time-based changes really.

One approach is to export all of your slides to image files, then import them
into Windows Movie Maker to synch the slide changes to your audio track.

You'd need to change your triggered highlights to sequences of slides, one w/o
the highlight, one with, in order to get images of each.

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How to Timing Automatic PowerPoint Presentations
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