time zone changes destroy all-day events



Every time I change time zones and change back, all my
all-day events get destroyed. Either they occur over two
days or they have been split into 2 events. Knowledge
base says this but is not addressing my situation:change the time zone, the all-day events span two days
instead of one.

Outlook treats anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays as
all-day events (an all-day event is defined from midnight
to midnight in the local time zone). When the time zones
change, all-day events move. Therefore, when you change
the computer's time zone, the all-day event moves to
display in the new time zone. An event, such as a holiday
or birthday, will appear in the Calendar on two
consecutive days. For example, a birthday could appear
from 6 A.M. one day to 6 A.M. the next day.

You can do one of the following:

Use the additional time zone feature in Outlook to
display the local time zone and do not change the
operating system time zone.
Correct each all-day event for the current time zone
Change the time zone back to the one used when the items
were created.<<


I have a similar problem but it involves scheduling an all day event and
include users from other time zones. My event will show up as a two day
event on their calendar, and their's will do the same on my calendar. Have
you discovered any workable solutions? I don't want to have to modify their
events everytime I receive one. This destroys the ability for me to receive
any modifications from them, plus it's just a huge pain.

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