thumbnails and wallpapers not displaying properly



The wallpaper is not appearing at all on my desktop. Also the thumbnails are
blank with nothing showing except for their filenames. This affected images,
files, and folders. The thumbnails seemed to show the previews again after i
cycled through the different views, but after i reopened windows explorer the
thumbnails disappeared again. When i go to personalize to change the
wallpaper form there it show blank thumbnails in most sections. in some
sections it showed a fuzzy icon as a thumbnail. What could have happened and
how do i fix it?

Mark L. Ferguson

There is a hidden file named IconCache.DB that can become corrupted.
(Brink's site is down, so here's a quote on that:)
Launch an elevated CMD window, ie Right click, Run as Administrator...
Shutdown Explorer Process from the Task Manager
In the CMD window go to C:\Users\<ProfileName>\AppData\Local
Do the following command: attrib -H IconCache.db
Do the following command: del IconCache.db
Do the following command: start explorer

This should rebuild the Icon Cache
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Mark L. Ferguson


for some reason when i set my display to 16 bit resolution, i can see the
thumbnails, but not the wallpapers.

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