This Weekend?



Jan 4, 2003
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Well i'm just about to go to a freinds house to finish off a full rewire in his flat

Was a biig job


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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For the past 7 weeks there have been roadworks on Blackheath Hill which forms part of the main A2 out of London to Kent. This has meant that after about 11am weekdays or 9am weekends, Greenwich is pretty much gridlocked til late into the evening and it can take me up to 30 minutes to drive about 500 metres into Greenwich Town Centre. The roadworks are supposed to finish in 8 days time, we shall see.

And I had to go through the town centre to visit me mate so I left at 7.30am this morning. His neighbour moved house and left some potted plants behind on their patio saying anybody could have them so today I collected three of them and pausing only to shop at Sainsburys I was back home at 9.15am.

The plants need weeding and I'm going to repot them, I have not a clue what they are but one looks sortta tropical and has big green spiky leaves. I shall post some pix when I repot them. I have pots, I have compost and soil but I don't have any garden tools at all which is a bit of prob, all I really need is a trowel. All the plants are quite big.

Then just spent the last couple of hours or so rewiring all the AV equipment in my bedroom from standard 13 amp mains plugboards to a professional IEC 14-socket, wall-mounted mains strip.That's 12 IEC plugs being used now and I still have 2 spare sockets. Saved a lot of room and clutter it did.

The mains strip and plugs came from my maste's recording/rehearsal studio which he's just sold, he also threw out some short multicore cables from which I've harvested around 50 XLR plugs and sockets - good stuff :thumb:

And that's it so far. Was raining this morning but it's sunny and windy now.

May go for a stroll but getting twitchy wanting to play CoD online atm. Will probably visit the pub this evening.

Groovy :cool:


Jan 14, 2006
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Got my once-in-a-year bet on today.
50p each way on 5 horses, made a profit of £1.80 last year!!

Off out for a few beers & a curry with friends tonight.:D

Made a loss today!
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