This message will change your life FOREVER!!



By me sending this message i have changed your life forever. And that's
even if u decided NOT TO READ IT at all.... Because of this message i have
posted on here, u had to scroll up/down just a little bit more to get to the
message that u were interested in reading. And as a result your future is
now different to what it would have been if i hadden't posted this message
at all. So now if anything really good or really bad happens to you within
the next day, week, month or year or whatever, it will be because of this
message i have posted...

So i would like everyone to THANK ME for the life they are about to have
because of this message. And if u win the lottery or whatever, just
remember of that fact that "I CHANGED YOUR LIFE" and u wouldn't have won
ANYTHING if it wasnt for this message u are reading now!!!



Mad Max

Smile, things could be worse. She smiled , and sure enough, things got
Go back to your insipid chat room.

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