The return of CD's and vinyl records


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Mar 16, 2002
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In 2012, 193 million CDs were sold compared with 118 MP3 albums, which may be surprising to some. And according to market researchers, The NPD Group, CD sales have increased for the second year in a row -- making a 2% sales jump.
Another thing that's keeping CD sales going is all the streaming sites that are now available.

Experts say sites like Spotify, Pandora and MOG give people the chance to check music out for free, and if they like what they hear, many consumers will buy the physical copy since they already know what to expect.

This wasn't possible in the 90s, when buying a CD was like taking a shot in the dark. Sure, you heard samples of an album through radio singles, or you might have listened to a CD at an in-store listening station. But outside that, you really weren't sure if the entire CD was good.
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