"The Page Cannot be Displayed" in IE 6 and AOL


Edward Z

I have a broadband connection and have installed on my
computer as browsers IE 6.0 and Firefox. I also use AOL 9.0
through the connection.

I can get into all web sites. The problem is when I enter a
section of the web site that is secure. One site prompts me
for Client Authentication and displays the certificates I
have saved on my computer. The cert. is valid and I click
ok. Then I get the above message. This happens on both AOL
and IE 6.0, but not when I use Firefox.

I have reinstalled IE 6.0 and all the current updates. I am
using 128-bit, I have checked on SSL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0.
I have tried everything that I can find. But still nothing.

Can anyone help?




Try this...
Start > Run > regsrv softpub.dll > OK > OK, reboot PC and
try viewing secure sites

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