The directory Service was unable to allocate a relative identifier



Hi all,

I am receiving this message :-

"The directory Service was unable to allocate a relative

as I try to join a WinXP machine to a SBS2k domain.

I've checked the FSMO roles through the GUI interfaces
and all seems fine. 2 things to consider in relation to
this query..

1. A second DC was in the domain running Exchange 2k.
This has since been removed however, there may be still
some remnants in the AD.

2. I performed a Directory Services restoration of the
server after I removed the 2nd Exchange server.

Have I missed a step in the recovery which ensured the
FSMO roles were correctly assumed?





Laura E. Hunter \(MVP\)

First you should determine which machines on your network are currently
holding the 5 FSMO roles:;en-us;234790

If any of these servers is one that has been decomissioned, you will need to
either transfer or seize the FSMO role to an active server.;EN-US;255504

(This assumes that the old DC is no longer active on the network. If you
seize the Schema Master and RID Master to another DC, the original role
holder must be reformatted and reinstalled before rejoining the network.)

Perform a metadata cleanup to remove references to any old DCs.

Finally, be sure that your DNS records have updated successfully. If you're
not using Dynamic DNS, you'll need to update your records manually.




Thanks for your reply Laura.

I've checked the FSMO roles on the old server and all of the roles point to
the existing SBS2k server. I've therefore, skipped step 2 assuming that I
didn't need to seize any back.

I also haven't run the cleanup as yet.

The 2nd server is part of a new domain which I am building but not ready to
live with. It is on the network but has no trusts with the SBS domain. There
are also 2x different administrator passwords.

Many thanks,


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