text wrapping in footnote area




I was trying to create a document (Word 2003) with something like a blurb at
the bottom of each page (different blurb for every page). So I started
creating textboxes, moved them to the bottom, chose "square" for wrapping,
and unchecked "Move object with text" while checking "Lock anchor". Text
wrapped correctly. The problem started with the many pages containing
footnotes. It seems that footnote text doesn't wrap around textboxes and
autoshapes, right? Is there another way to insert those textboxes below

I tried to insert the blurbs into the footers, but since each page has its
own blurb, this required creating section breaks of each page. At this point
another problem occurred on the many pages with footnotes that continue to
the next page. It's the same thing mentioned at this post
namely what Stefan Blom said, "if the text following the continuous break
also has footnotes, and these are sufficiently close to the break, you would
again get the appearance of a Next Page section break" even after adjusting
the compatibility thing.

So I'm stuck. Any helpful suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Stefan Blom

As far as I know, it is not possible to make footnote text wrap around a
text box. Instead of messing with footers and section breaks on every page,
which is unlikely to help anyway, I think you'll have to place the blurb
somewhere else, perhaps in the left or right margin; you may want to take a
look at http://sbarnhill.mvps.org/WordFAQs/MarginalText.htm.

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