Text Running Out of Cell



I am typing text in a cell. It is merged, word wraped, and left justified. It
is formatted as text. The row height is large enough to fit the entire
paragraph, and the contents still runs off of the cell. Half of the written
paragraph is in the cell, the other half of the writing runs out of the cell
and cannot be seen, and the rest of the cell is white space. I am tired of
the alt+enter thing. I am filling out a form with over 500 cells, and I am
very frustrated. I have been looking but haven't found any answers so far.
Can anyone one help?



Dave Peterson

"Running out of the cell" means that the text just seems to disappear?

If yes, try adding alt-enters (to force a new line within the cell) every 80-100
characters. You should see more characters.

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