Text line duplicating/ghosting over 2 pages



Hi All

I can't explain this very clearly because its very weird, but hopefully you
will make sense of the following:

1) I have a 40 or so page Word 2000 doc, which consists of around 80% of
table layouts, but simple table layouts at that.

2) On pages 20 - 21 a table has say 3 rows (with 5 cols) on page 20 and then
because of the text in the 3rd row's cells this 3rd row continues on page 21
and then another 2 rows are used on page 21. Basically what I'm trying to
say is that the same table has a row that continues/overlaps onto 2 pages.

3) ON PRINTOUT: In the last cell of the 3rd (last row) of page 20, a line of
text appears but is slightly obscured horizontally, ie the bottoms of the
chars are slightly chopped by the table row line.

In the last cell of the same 3rd row in page 21 (although obviously
displayed as the 1st row in this page), this same line of text appears

ON SCREEN IN PAGE LAYOUT MODE: In the last cell of the 3rd (last row) of
page 20, the line of text is displayed and is slightly obscured
horizontally, ie the bottoms of the chars is slightly chopped by the table
row line, but this line does not appear on page 21.

4) Looking at the pages in Normal (??) mode I can see a dotted line to show
where the table row is chopped to go onto the next page, but what is weird
is that the 2nd to last cell's horizontal dotted line is slightly lower than
the other cells.

No matter what I do I can't get them all to line up and I think this is the
reason why the line of text prints on both page 20 and page 21, even though
the physical text in the doc only shows this line once.

I can't do a screen snapshot cos it looks OK on screen so done a pdf example
and uploaded it to the following:
(if you look at the bottom of the far right cell on page 20 and then look at
the top of the far right cell on page 21 you will see the same data!!)

Any ideas on how I can correct this?




Terry Farrell

Word 2000 was too good at working with a large document comprising multiple
tables. But I suggest that you eliminate driver first. Check that you have
the latest drivers for both your graphics card and printer, then reinstall
the graphics drivers and delete and reinstall the printer.

If that fails to work, it may be a partially corrupt table. You could try
several possible ways of correcting corruption, but I suggest using a copy
of the document before committing to these suggestions.

The first is to save the document in RTF format, close the document, open it
and save it back as a doc format. If that fails, try saving toe HTM format.
close, reopen and save back to doc format. If that fails too, then select
the table and use the convert table to text command using tabs as column
markers. Save the document, close it and then select all the text and use
the convert text to table command.



Terry Farrell

The first line should say 'Word 2000 was NOT too good...' which sort of
changes the meaning!


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