Text cursor disappears while typing an email in Outlook 2007



The text cursor seems to dissappear while typing email in outlook 2007.
This include the whole sentences dissappear while typing and the users did
not look on the screen.
This problem seems to relate to when new mail message arrives,it interferes
with typing in any application the user happens to be using at the time.
This problem only happen for office 2007 and this do not happen in office
Is there any fix or solution for this problem? This problem is quite
annoying and giving hard time to the users.
Any help is appreciated.




I agree -- the cursor disappearing in Outlook 2007 is disconcerting,
distracting and even a bit disorienting. It's a mystery to me why MS chose to
do this. What I really can't understand is why MS won't at least provide an
option to decline that behavior. Prior to its Office 2007 & Vista releases (I
still use XP), MS allowed people to decline such "improved" behaviors and
select an option to use an alternative behavior. MS often no longer provides
such an option.

I wish there were a way to sit with someone at MS and ask why.


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