Mouse Cursor disappears in Outlook when using Remote Desktop



As far as I know this ONLY happens in Outlook 2007 (I've tried Word, Excel,
Windows Explorer, my own apps, etc.), and only when using Remote desktop with
a connection with low bandwidth (or high latency).

The mouse cursor simply disappears when the cursor is over the Outlook
window. The highlights still happen (if the cursor hovers over the
application close button, for example). The cursor comes back as soon as it's
no longer on top of the Outlook window. Makes using outlook very annoying.

It happened when I was connecting to my Vista 64 box (which is sitting in
Toronto) with remote desktop from Taiwan & Dominican Republic. It does not
happen when I'm connecting with remote desktop from Toronto (from the office).

Any hints?





Mine started doing the same when I changed my mouse over from a Microsoft to
a Logitech Mouse.

Try upgrading your mouse driver and see if that helps! I'm going back to my
MS Mouse soon, so no incentive for me to try!

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