Text box disappears on chart



I added a text box to a chart and when I click off of it, the text box disappears (goes behind the chart). I have tried Bring to Front and Bring Forward, and it may or may not stay visible and print. I have clicked on the frame of the text box (it changes pattern) and tried Bring to Front - same problem.

Any ideas?

Carole O



Debra Dalgleish

The text box is on the worksheet, not the chart. To fix the problem,

Select the text box, and choose Edit>Cut
Select the chart (you'll see handles on its corners and sides)
Choose Edit>Paste, to paste the text box onto the chart.

Click away from the chart, and the text box should remain visible.



Jon Peltier

Next time, the easy way to add a textbox the the chart is to select the
chart, and just type whatever you want in the textbox. Excel packs your
text into a textbox in the middle of the chart. Format, resize, and move
this textbox, and you're done.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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