Test boxes on charts



I would like to add some comments as text to a chart, and I have added text
boxes. The chart is displayed on a worksheet, not as a separate sheet. When
I select the chart to print it, some of the text boxes disappear. They
reappear when I select a sell in the worksheet. I have tried selecting the
text box and rearranging the order (like bring-to-front) but it has no effect.

Any suggestions for adding text to a chart?



Jon Peltier

The chart floats above the sheet in a drawing layer. likewise, textboxes
float within the chart above the chart elements in its own drawing layer. If
you select the chart, then click on the textbox icon (or another shape
button), the textbox is drawn in the chart's drawing layer. If you don't
select the chart first, the textbox is drawn in the worksheet's drawing

Until they broke this feature in 2007, when you select a chart in Excel, the
chart comes to the top of everything in the drawing layer. This means it
will obscure textboxes in the worksheet's drawing layer, even if the
textboxes are normally in front of the chart.

- Jon

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