Incorporating Text Box in Excel Chart


Al Charbonneau

I have a chart that has a text box at the top. Every time I change or move
the chart the text box ends up out of place. Is there any way to
"incorporate" text box with the chart so that it keeps its relative position
as the chart changes or moves?

Thanks in advance





Try this:
Click on the text box, hold the Shift button on the keyboard, click on the
chart. You show be able to see that both the text box and the chart are
selected. Then right click and select grouping and then group. This should do

Click yes below if this works for you.

Jon Peltier

His textbox is already in the chart, it just doesn't stay put.

Al -

If you could use an axis title or chart title instead of this textbox,
do so, because those text elements stay in place.

If the text box is within the plotting rectangle, add a dummy XY series
with one point, to locate your label, and add a data label with the
contents of the text box. This will stay wherever the X and Y you used
are positioned.

If you need to use a text box, it's going to move. If there's already
code in your workbook, add a routine on workbook_open that repositions
the textbox.

- Jon


Maybe I have over complicate the thing. Do agree that if possible, chart
title will be the best option. Recently I use textbox in my chart in addition
to my chart title. And when I saw the post, my immediate thought is that he
need something similar to mine.





I would not underestimate basic enlightenment. I remember my first ancient
disappointment when a textbox in an embedded chart dismissed when moving the
chart. If you try to insert a textbox into an embedded chart which has not
been pre-selected, the textbox stays stuck on the background worksheet, and
you see or not see it dependent on what is just selected. In the opposite
case, the textbox is fixed to chart area (the whole picture/shape) and not
plot area (the rectangle with markers, lines etc.). So if you then place
textbox elsewhere, it keeps the overall position, it is proportionally
changing with changing chart sizes (caution with font size! – delete
Automatic scaling). If you, however, want to have the textbox bound to plot
area, e.i. fixed to markers etc. while you reckon with changing the plot
content or size or position within chart area (it may come in small
automatically if you change the length of axis label numbers), then Jon’s
method is indispensable.

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