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Vinny B


I have several templates i have created in word. I need each template
to save in a different location. For example:

1) Template 1 will auto default to save in my documents.
2) Template 2 will auto default to save in my photos.

Is there a way to have a auto default option for indviduale ms word templates?

Thank you very much Vinny

Graham Mayor

Word will start with the documents folder set in Word options file
locations, until you open a document from a different folder which will then
become the active folder until you either change the folder or re-start
Word. However you can intercept the File Save command in the template with a
macro stored in the template e.g.

Sub FileSave()
On Error Resume Next
ChangeFileOpenDirectory "D:\My Documents\My Pictures"
ActiveWindow.Caption = ActiveDocument.FullName
End Sub

Change the path to that which you require the document to make the initial
save. Thereafter re-saving the document will save it to the folder it was
opened from.

DO NOT save this macro in the normal template.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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