TD cannot load SLX file, error 0x80070057



I created an image and saved as SLX file. After proper rebooting
(shutdown=>restart) the development computer, the TD cannot load the SLX
file. The error reported is 0x80070057 (The Parameter is incorrect).

We're running Windows XP Embedded SP1 on Windows 2000 virtual computer.

Is there a way to save the SLX file that can be loaded after reboot?





Usually there is no problems to save SLX project files and reboot. Otherwise, how would we all here work with XPe?!

How big is the SLX ? (how many components in it?)
That error could be anything since some many APIs are using by the tools but it often occurs when too many components are added to
the SLX at one session.

I can only suggest you:
- Try to open just saved (no reboot yet) SLX. If the error occurs, obviously problem is not the reboot.
- Copy that SLX file to another machine (better be XP Pro, no virtual) and try to open it there with TD. If no error, the
problem is in your Windows 2000 virtual OS
- Make sure you've got the latest (5.6) WSH installed and all SP1 QFEs are installed (especially the one which installs new
Platform object)
- Try to load the SLX with CMIExplorer. If it loads fine, some problems with TD on your installation.
- Double check if you've got enough RAM (XPe Tools are much memory consuming software)
- Share the "broken" SLX with us (you can zip it up and either attach to your post through OE or put on a web site) so that we
could see what the problem is.



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