tasks in "For Follow up"


Steve Blair


Can Tasks be assigned to the "For Follow Up" folder ?

Thank you



Brian Tillman

Steve Blair said:
Can Tasks be assigned to the "For Follow Up" folder ?
I don't believe so because you can't assign a flag to a task. Moreover,
search folders seem to be able to search mail folders only.



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

A task can have a flag, but you can't add the flag using the user interface.
It would have to be done using code. So for non-programmers you are
essentially correct.

MS limited the UI for creating search folders to mail folders. That's an
artificial limitation. In code you can easily create a search folder for
tasks or even for mixed types of folders. The only limitation with that is
the search term must use a property or properties that are common to all the
item types in those folders. So you could search on Subject or Body or other
common properties.

Reminders is a hidden example of a search folder that can work with tasks,
contacts, appointments and/or emails.

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