Can I view task, shared to me in my to-do list, or is it nessesaryfor me to follow up on both my per



User A creates a subfolder to his task-list and shares this with other team-members. User A can then see both his personal tasks (original task-folder) and the Team-task-folder (the subfolder that he shared with his team) in his own to-do-list (and can then format the task in different colours depending on the folder).

User B is one of the persons, that User A shared his Team-task-folder with.User B can of course see his personal tasks in his to-do-list.

My question is, can user B in some way see the Team-task-folders tasks in his to-do-list?

We are going to implement task as the main instrument in our department forcoordinating our Work. We have som common team task, which are often created by the manager, but the follow up will be done from one of the teammembers.

Out experienxe is that people forget to look into additional task lists, and therefore it is important for us, that all users can see all tasks (personal+team) in one task lists and then sort them by colours.

I hope someone can help out, or suggest another solution.

Br. Finn Jørgensen


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