Task Manager



When i press ctrl+alt+del, the task manager is supposed to come up. Well, it
doesnt. I try to right click on the taskbar and start the task manager that
way, but still nothing. I know there is alot of stuff running in the
background and slowing down my computer, but no way to see what is and no way
to shut it off. Can anyone help me get the task manager working? Please
email me asap.

Gerry Cornell

You should update your virus definitions and run full anti-virus scan. If
you do not have anti-virus programme installed you can run a free scan from
the internet. Try this link:

Spyware causes many problems. If not installed download Adaware and update
Reference file from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/download/
and use it to remove parasites.


Scroll down to here:
Task Manager - Control/Alt/Delete - Doesn't work--


Hope this helps.


Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.
Please tell the newsgroup how any
suggested solution worked for you.



sounds like spyware on your pc

install update and run ad aware or similar program, should help

if not run msconfig, and clear all srartup programs except your anti virus

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