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I'm a new Front Page 2003 user and am struggling to get the "Target Frame" of
a hyperlink to behave how I want. Put simply, I'm trying to create my own
navigation buttons that reside in one frame of a 3 frame page layout - and
the corresponding child pages display in a different frame when the hyperlink
executes. Regardless of how I set the Target Frame setting - it ALWAYS
displays the linked page in the same frame that the buttons are located.
What am I not getting?

Space Norman


Everybody hates frames as they prevent bookmarking pages displayed in a
frame. If you insist on pissing everybody off at least make sure you have
given each frame a name when declaring the frameset and then use that name
of the frame as the value for the target attribute...

<a href="whatever" target="someframename" />

Using frames are FUBAR and are very difficult to maintain and really become
a nightmare as your website grows. I would rethink using frames only when
really useful such as a scrolling tabular list of data displayed under a
frame using fixed names of each column describing the tabular data.

<%= Clinton Gallagher
METROmilwaukee (sm) "A Regional Information Service"
NET csgallagher AT

Trevor L.

Space Norman,
What ClintonG is correct, of course

To be precise, your top htm(l) dataset should have code something like this:

<frameset rows="80,*">
<frame src="heading.html" name="heading"
scrolling="no" noresize="noresize">
<frameset cols="132,*">
<frame src="sidebar.html" name="sidebar"
scrolling="no" noresize="noresize">
<frame src="index_main.html" name="index_main"
scrolling="yes" noresize="noresize">

If you want to refer to the frame index_main.html, you then do as Clinton
has said:
<a href="whatever" target="index_main">

Note that I have named index_main.html "index_main". I could just as easily
named it "fred", in which case the reference would be
<a href="whatever" target="fred">

Incidentally, one of the reasons I still use frames is that the subsidiary
frames do not get found. After all, I only have one website. Why confuse by
allowing different parts of it to be found ?

Does this make sense to you experts out there ?

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