I use frames with two-tiered navigation buttons on left frame. I have it
coded to stay visible when linking to other pages in the cite from it.
Second tier navigation links appear UNDER the frame on the right. I do not
want to widen the left frame as it leaves too much white space. How can I
code this so that the navigation buttons roll over the frame on the right?

Thank you.


Simple answer - you can't. The only way to show the sub menu is to make the
navigation frame wide enough to show the complete menu. This is one of the
many drawbacks to using frames.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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Thank you. That is the answer I expected, though I thought there might be a
way to trick it by perhaps listing the right frame first and the left second,
but having the frames appear in the browser in the correct order.

I will probably end up using a dynamic website template, but it has some
drawbacks and I had hoped not to have to go that route.

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