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I need to design a database that will track the history of patients on a
study drug. I need to track Adverse Events and a number of other things.
Their medications I would also need to track. What would be the best way to
design the table. There will be a number of adverse events. So would I have a
table specifically for adverse events and another for medications. Or would I
have just one table with columns named Adverse Event 1, Adverse Event 2 etc.
and medicaton 1, medication 2 etc. There will be different numbers of Adverse
Events and Medications depending on the patient.

Thanks very much for any help.

Best regards,


Lynn Trapp

First, let me suggest that you get a copy of Database Design for Mere
Mortals by Michael Hernandez. Second, except in exceedingly rare instances
you don't ever want to name fields like [Adverse Event1], [Adverse Event2],
etc. Those are referred to as repeated fields and you need to pull them into
a separate table.

Lynn Trapp
MS Access MVP
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