Tab stops



I have read all the present discussions on tab stops and still I have a

My form has two subforms and the there is no other controls on the
properties tabs.
I have tab stop to "YES". All the subforms have the tab order the way I want

Here is what is happening.

The first time in a record the tabswork correctly. The next record the tabs
go to the last field of the subforms not the first field in the subform

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Generally, the tab order is respected if no one uses a mouse. If toy tab to
the next record, instead of clicking on it, it should work as expected.


Thanks for your time. I have found some other info which my help in the future.

I had a backup from 1/12/09 and it works fine. Between then and now a
compact and repair was performed. I went to the backup and loaded all the
missing data and it works fine. I did not think that would happen by that
procedure. I will not ever do that again without a backup.


Well after entering 45 records the Tab Stops are not going where the were.

I am a beginer and do not even know where to put this code.

I am adding data to subforms the last field in a sub form should go to the
first field in the next subform.

It works fora while and then it goes to wheere ever.

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