tabbing thru subform doesn't work


K Essmiller

I have a form of contact information that has a subform with some yearly
dollar figures. I'm trying to set up the form so my user can view and edit
the contact information and enter the dollar information for the current
year. I found some code that allows me to tab from the last field on the
subform to the first field of the main form. The tabs work the way I want
them to the first time thru. However the next time thru when I tab from the
main form to the subform it goes to the last field on the subform and then
tabs back to the main form. How do I force it to go to the 1st field on my

Daryl S

K -

Have you set the tab order on the subform? That would determine the default
tab order, including the first control to get the focus.

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