Tabbing between a main form and a subform



Normally when dropping a subform into a main for the tab order is
automatically set so that when you hit 'Tab' on the last record of the main
form it moves the cursor to the first record of the sub form. I have created
a main form linked to a subform but no matter what I try the tab simply
cycles in the main form. (The subform does not appear in the tab order of the
detail section of the main form.) Is there some setting so that I can get it
to move to the subform?


Tom van Stiphout

On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 23:06:02 -0800, Peter

No, the tab order of existing controls is not changed when you drop in
a subform.
Perhaps you accidentally set the TabStop property to No for your
subform control.
BTW, we don't tab from record to record, but rather from control to

Microsoft Access MVP

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