T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Micro Soft Active Sync Outlook 2000 sr-1



I purchased a new Pocket PC today and installed the active
sync software on my desk top. converted my Outlook 97 to
Outlook 2000 and now when I reply to emails my Outlook
locks up and gives me an error message:

Outlook caused an invalid page fault in moudule OutLLIB.
DLL at 017f:3a564167.

Does any one know how to correct this problem. I called
technical support and they wanted to charge me $35.00 for
the call. I have the money but didn't feel it was fair
since I just opened the box. Can you help????



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

You could try uinstalling and reinstalling Outlook 2000....or if you want to
try a less drastic approach, you could try a detect&repair (help menu)

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