Systray icons missing.


Gerald Bramwell


Most of the icons have gone missing from the systray,some program icons
and some system icons. The two little blue screens that show when the
computer is connected to the LAN or dial-up have gone. In all the
network properties they are ticked as 'show icon when connected', I have
even tried removing the tick doing a reboot, then ticking again and
doing another reboot but no change. Any ideas?




May 13, 2010
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Hi Gerald Bramwell,

Well here are some steps you can try:

Method 1 : You may know this already, but the Windows XP task bar has an option to hide
unused icons. So the reason some icons are disappearing might be that you
haven't used them for a long time and Windows has decided that they should
be hidden. To check this option:

* right-click the Taskbar
* select Properties
* clear the check box Hide inactive icons

If this isn't the cause of the problem, then Microsoft's recommendation is to select
"Lock the taskbar". It didn't work for us, though.

Method 2: To resolve this behavior, follow these steps to disable the SSDP feature:

Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.

Click Services and Applications.

Double-click Services.

In the Services list, right-click SSDP Discovery Service, and then click Properties.

On the General tab, in the Startup type drop-down list, click Disabled.

Click OK.

Note When SSDP Discovery service is disabled, new devices on the network
cannot be found automatically.If it doesn’t work, the alternative would be disable
both SSDP Discovery Service and Universal Plug and Play Device Host. Repeat the
above steps for both services.You may try to choose Automatic at drop-down list
instead of Disabled, as it’s reported some people has success with this.


Please reply at your convenience.

Gerald Bramwell

Right click on a blank part of your taskbar, then select Properties.
Then in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, click on the
customize button located in the lower part of the window. Make sure
that none of the icons you want to show are set for 'Always Hide'. If
this doesn't correct your problem then please let us know.
Thanks for the reply, most of the icons were set as 'Always Hide' yet
they had always been visible. I set all the ones I want in the Systray
as Always Show, it worked except there is something funny going on as 9
times out of 10 after a boot the network icons show but one time they
won't even though they are still showing as 'Always Show'. I'm going to
be fitting a larger main drive soon and was planning to do a fresh install.




Bob Lucas

Win XP has a tendency to 'lose' icons from the Notification Area
of the taskbar. I have never identified the cause and I am not
aware of any permanent solution to this problem. However, you
can download some very useful utilities from Kelly's Korner

I recommend Tweak #53 (left hand side of the page), which resets
the icons in the Notification area - and removes past items. The
tweak will also restore any missing items.

Having run the tweak, you can customise the Taskbar to show or
hide individual icons according to your personal preferences. To
do so, right click on an empty part of the taskbar and click on
Properties. Then, check the box marked 'Hide inactive icons' and
click on 'customize...' Available options are 'Always Show',
Always Hide' or 'Hide when inactive'.

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