System Restore



I recently did a system restore on a HP 512 RAM computer with XP Home
edition. The hard drive was making whirring noises and PC was running slow.
After the restore, (saved data files) still get the whirring noise but not as
bad. Exploring the System tools, I noticed that in the start up programs
there are duplicates, one saying Default and the other NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM.

Here is an example:
$ncsp$ $ncsp$.inf NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup
$ncsp$ $ncsp$.inf .DEFAULT Startup
$winnt$ $winnt$.inf NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup
$winnt$ $winnt$.inf .DEFAULT Startup
12520437 12520437.cpx NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup
12520437 12520437.cpx .DEFAULT Startup
12520850 12520850.cpx NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup
12520850 12520850.cpx .DEFAULT Startup
24wwxsp1 24wwxsp1.txt NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup
24wwxsp1 24wwxsp1.txt .DEFAULT Startup

Is this right, or is there something I can do, or should? The PC seems to be
working even when nothing is being done.


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