System Restore Wizard is already running.....


Ron in RI

Using new Toshiba Satellite U305, Vista Home Premium

I have been making restore points before and after installing everything
during computer set-up. I went to make a restore point and, when I went to
System Restore, I got a message: "System Restore Wizard is already running.
This program will now exit." And it closes.

It turns out the every time I go to System Restore, I get the message
"System Restore Wizard is already running....." and System Restore closes. I
CAN make new restore points but I can't use any restore points because the
Wizard is always already running.

Once, I was able to get to a list of restore points and I did a restore to a
point I made a week ago, before my last installation (a printer). After
doing the restore, the Wizard was still running.

So I tried to undo the restore.....the "undo" failed, there was a quick
flash of error messages with red X's...all I could read was that the "undo
failed", and the computer shut down.

I closed the lid (laptop) and when I opened it, I got message that Windows
start-up failed and that an "auto-repair" feature was at work. The
auto-repair did work and the computer did start up again and things look

ALSO: during this process, I discovered that System Restore points have NOT
been made every day. They have been made after updates, installs, etc, as
well as my manually-made points....but in three weeks, only ONE System
Restore point was made which appeared to be a "Daily SR Point".

I've looked at everything I know about and this is feeling like it's beyond
my competence. I've enjoyed Vista thus far but this is very unpleasant!!!

Thanks for any and all thoughts and suggestions!

Ron in RI

I spoke with Toshiba tech support. Was told that Vista isn't supposed to
make a System Restore point every 24 hours (which I believe isn't correct).

We did a "Last Known Good Configuration" and the SR Wizard stopped running.

I made a new SR restore point to reflect the return to "Last.....Good
Configuration" and now, again, when I click on "System Restore", I get
message saying that the SR Wizard is already running and that the program
will exit....which it does.

So...I really haven't gotten closer to a solution.....

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