System restore and registry



My question is about the relationship between System Restore and Registry.
Does a "system restore" to the point of 30 days ago mean that registry will
be also restored to the point of 30 days ago?



Ted Zieglar

Yes, and that's the main reason why restoring a restore point that old can
be a bad idea. Any changes you made to the rest of your system during that
time will not be reflected in the registry, leading to unpredictable


Thanks to both you and Ted. The web site is very useful.

Very often malicious spyware are sitting in registry. Some of them are
very hard to remove.
By resorting to System Restore, we can get rid of some malicious spyware.
Is that correct or not? Craig

Ted Zieglar

No, System Restore is very unlikely to remove a virus or spyware. The scum
who write these things are smart enough to work around that.



Bert Kinney

Hi Craig,

There is a chance SOME may be removed, but only if all the components
of the particular malware are monitored by System Restore. And you
knew when the malware was installed so you would know what date to
restore back to.

System Restore was not designed to be a malware or virus removal tool,
and should not be relied on to do so. I would not advise using System
Restore for this purpose.

This is what I would suggest.
Virus and Spyware removal and prevention.

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