System hibernates TOO SOON!



Searching high and low, I've not found a ref on this one, so here
goes: On TWO different machines at home here, we have experienced the
problem where an XP machine is powered up and comes up out of
hibernation, and then that machine, if left completely untouched, will
hibernate back to sleep within 5 minutes. This is with the setting
for hibernate set to "Never". We use hibernate solely for the
powerdown function which works quite well.

It seems that, if you touch one key, or move the mouse, then some
counter gets reset to "never" and it will run forever. But, if we
power up, then go upstairs to RDP to the thing from a laptop, that
apparently doesn't count, as the machine will invariably hibernate off
at some point all by itself, regardless if you're working on it or
not. It doesn't seem to do it if you're in the MIDDLE of typing
something over the rdp link, but if you turn away, then come back in a
couple of minutes, it's gone and we have to go power it back up.

Again, it appears that the only way to prevent this is to physically
touch either the keyboard or the mouse at the machine in question.
And, this has happened on 2 different machines now, although it
appears to now only affect one of our machines here (other machines
have changed hardware since then).





See my posting "Going into hybernation automatically" in
microsoft.public.windowsxp.general newsgroup.


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