System / Application sounds not working


Mike from OZ

I have just noticed that all application / system soudns are not working. The
speakers work fine as I can play all sounds using WMP. When I check SOUND
devices is show Speakers as my default device and I can test them fine - I
hear the chimes. I can play movies etc and everthin is OK

The problem is that system / application sounds do not work. I use CP and
select SOUNDS and then try and play one of the system/application sounds and
nothing happens. I can play the associated WAV file with WMP its just that
all system / application sounds have stopped working - including inline
videos on IE

Speakers are Realtek High Definition Audio - on board sound.

Mike from OZ

Oh and before anybody suggests it - YES I have also updated the drivers and
stil the same result

Mark L. Ferguson

The Ease Of Access app has a 'make visual alternatives for sounds' that
could do that.

Mike from OZ


I checked that option and it has not been enabled. It still sounds like the
software used by Vista to make the sound (?? SNDREC32 or similar) is not


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