Syquest EZFlyer 230mb Parallel Removable Disc Drive



Just purchased a new DELL with factory installed Windows
XP. Works great, love Windows XP. However, I own a (no
longer manufactured) Syquest EZFlyer 230mb Parallel
Removable disc drive which worked flawlessly under Windows
95, 98 & 98 SE. Apparently, since the company (Syquest)
went bust, Microsoft didn't feel it necessary to include a
driver under Windows XP, which I can understand BUT I
backed up all my files and programs to it prior to
purchasing the new PC and find I can't use the removable
disc's due to unavailability of a driver for Windows XP.
I've already tried third party drivers which don't work or
are not recognized by Windows XP due to a lack of approved
signature. IS this a lost cause or will a driver be added
by Microsoft in the future? Please let me know as I would
be able to sell it to someone for prior Windows operating



Donald Link

Heck, I have a SPARQ 1 gig drive which I can not get to work on XP or

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