Soft ware disc was eatin in drive



I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 and was having isssues that I'd had to reboot 3-4
times before the drive would even work, so I dumped it all and tried to
reload the operating system and while the disc was in the drive it made a
terrible noise , so when the disc came out it looked like it was in a laser
fight and will not work I still have it but its toast so I put in an OS from
my Dell 530 but its not right and want the correct version key etc `How can I
now get the operating sytem in without the disc É `PLEASE and thank-you ! Ed




You will likely need to get Dell to replace the bad disk. If not
available,you may need to buy a full retail or generic OEM version,
and download the appropriate drivers from Dell. Next time around, make a
backup before things go awry.

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