Synology DS414slim NAS


Mar 25, 2003
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Tech Power Up have been taking a look at the Synology DS414slim NAS unit - here's a snippet from their article:

"Because of its restricted footprint, the DS414slim is only compatible with 2.5” HDD/SSDs. It can take four of those. It is also fully compatible with all the features of Synology’s DiskStation Manager OS. These include multimedia entertainment, various backup solutions, cross-platform sharing, etc. Its dual Ethernet ports also support the Link Aggregation protocol, which you can utilize to produce either higher network transfer speeds or a failover protection mechanism. Synology says the unit to be very energy efficient, which we will verify in this review, and its small fan in the bottom is easily replaceable. We don't understand why Synology would mentioned the latter feature, although it is probably due the fact that small fans tend to last a shorter period of time compared to bigger fans of equal quality since they spin at higher speeds, or Synology just meant to make sure users could easily swap the fan out for a lower-noise variant should a quieter operation be the prerogative. The DS414slim looks incredibly interesting, and we will detail all of its features and capabilities in these pages."


Read more here.


Jan 4, 2003
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I like it, however without drives it could turn out to be a dear do
4x1TB drives nearly equates to £180ish

Over, or best part of £400 fully populated

The fact there is a virus out that locks up the unit is a worrying fact as well

Wont be this year ;)

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