Synology DS215+ 2-bay NAS


Mar 25, 2003
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Tech Power Up have published their review of the Synology DS215+ 2-bay NAS (network attached storage), and here's a snippet:

The DS215+ is the smallest member in Synology's product line for small- and medium-sized business environments, and it doesn't share the same hardware with the DS415+ we had the chance to evaluate a while ago. We should also mention that the DS215+ can be connected to a Synology DX513/DX213 expansion unit through its eSATA port; however, there is a catch: connect an expansion unit to the DS215+ and it won't increase the size of its internal volume to, instead, allow for independent volumes with the additional storage space inside the expansion unit. This doesn't pose a serious drawback, but we had to point it out for those particular situations where there is the need for a single volume only.


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