Syncing personal and business contacts with my Nokia phone



Can anyone tell me how to sync both my Business Contacts folder and my
personal contacts to my Nokia 6230i phone. I use Nokia PC-Suite 6.7 and
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Small Business Addition. There doesn't seem to be a
way to link the folders in outlook or a way to select two adress books in


Mar 1, 2006
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I would be keen if anyone else can solve this - I couldn't.

I actually found that tha Nokia Sync software was a bit useless, as I had over 2000 Outlook contacts, and couldn't filter them by category etc so the phone memory just filled up at about 'c' and stopped syncing. I found the SonyEricsson sync software was a little better - at least I could record filter, but have ended up buying yet another phone - a IMate Smartphone. WHile it has solved the memory problem, I have not yet tried to sync my Outlook and BCM contacts - chosing to keep duplicate data and just sync out of Outlook Contacts- which is far less than desirable!

I do, however, know a number of people who have issues with Nokia sync'ing... hence my interest in seeing if anyone else has a solution to this thread.

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