Syncing Narration with Clicks



I am doing a presentation where I would like the viewer to be able to hear
the narration as they click, rather than all at once. This is going to be
viewed by people w/o me there to present it, and ideally, I would like them
to be able to go through at their own pace. In other words, I want to record
the narration in seperate files within a slide, and then sync this narration
with the action of clicking, so that the reader only hears the narration
associated with whatever bullet they just clicked open. I attempted to
record my voice as a sound effect, but the quality is too low for whay I'm
doing. Is there any way to either raise the quality of the regular record
feature or break up the narration and sync it with separate actions in the
slide? Thanks.

Sandy Johnson

Perhaps it's your microphone. Additionally, you may want to try using another
recording program like Audacity (I think it's free) or AVS so you can adjust
sound levels and make other edits more readily.


Echo S

I'm not sure what you mean by recording as a sound effect, but here's what
I'd do.

Record the narrations in something like Audacity, break them into pieces,
save as WAV or MP3, then attach trigger animations to them.

Regardless, as Sandy says, it may just be that your mic or recording
software settings need to be tweaked.

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