How to stop a narration on complete of slideshow



After much trouble I have finally finished my presentation. There are
98 slides and I had one of the sisters of the congregation for whom I
am doing this presentation record the 25 minute narration outside of
PowerPoint using a high quality voice recorder. The quality is really
quite good. I have embedded the narration using the normal procedure
and the narration proceeds smoothly throughout with the various
transition times set for the photographs.

My only remaining problem is that I can’t figure out how to stop the
presentation after the 98th slide. It just start over again. I would
like to show the final slide for about 20sec and then have the
presentation shut down.

Can somebody please tell me how I can achieve this? I have search the
Internet but haven't come up with any solution as yet.

Thank you for your ongoing assistance. I assure you that it is much



What's the procedure you did to 'embed' the narration? Is narration inside
the presentation, or run separately using a media player?

If it has been inserted into the presentation, and you want to show the
final slide for about 20sec and then have the presentation shut down, go to
the last slide, click Slide Show > Slide Transition. Set it to advance slide
automatically after 00:20. Click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Under Show
Options, ensure that loop continuously until 'Esc' is unchecked. If the
option is unavailable, change your show type to "Presented by a speaker".
This is to ensure that your presentation doesn't loop.
Shawn Toh (tohlz)
Microsoft MVP PowerPoint

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