synchronize my windows 2000 password and netware password


Bryant TAte

how can I synchronize my windows 2000 password and netware
password to change at the same time. This is a Microsoft
domain that users wil need to connect to a novell 4.11
server and we are having problems syncing the passwords to
change at the same time

Keith Klenke

if you log into the nwclient32 & it requests to change the password, it
should also update the domain password for said user (as long as they are
the same userid).

scott charlton

Actually, if you are using Novell's Netware client,
install the Novell Workstation Manager peice. If you do
this, then you will get a Dynamic Local User created
everytime someone sits down on this machine (Provided they
have an NDS account).


Keith Klenke

You wouldnt need to use DLU in a ms-domain environment, if it was just a
standalone w2k workstation & no domain then DLU would work its wonders.

aside - dlu requires not just workstation manager, but the zfd policy to be
configured for such

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