Sync Treo 650 with Outlook turns appointments into meetings

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I have a Treo 650 which I used to synchronize with Outlook 2000 on a
Windows 2000 PC. Everything went fine. Now I started to synchronize the
Treo with Outlook 2003 on a Laptop running Windows XP Pro. In my
Outlook calendar I have now appointments that got turned into meetings
(with what seems to me random attendees of our global address list).
This happens to some appointments, but not to all. I can not make up
any rule, which appointments are affected.

This raises two questions which hopefully someone can answer:

1. How can I prevent this behaviour?
2. How can I turn a meeting back into an appointment in Outlook?

Any hint would be appreciated. (By the way, I am using the Palm Outlook
Conduit to synchronize.)

Kind regards
Stefan Martin

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