Outlook appointments created from Access


Rob M

I manage a patient database (in Access 2003) that's used mostly by
secretaries to track patients and appointments for several clinicians.

I'd like to create a feature that allows secretaries to click a button
and generate patient Outlook 2007 appointments that can be sent to the
appropriate clinician. My VBA coding in Access works well to generate
an Outlook appointment, but in the Outlook appointment window, the
current user is listed as the meeting organizer and therefore gets
invited to all appointments.

Is there a way to remove the meeting organizer from attending
meetings? Or is there a workaround that someone knows of? If
possible, I'd like to stay away from sharing calendars - there are too
many clinicians and therefore too many calendars to share. An
appointment invitation or email attachment is what we're hoping for.

Many thanks for any help,

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