how do i sync my 2007 office calendar with my treo phone



i can only sync about three appointments with my treo 700w and outlook 2007
and have tried creating a new profile because there are some problems with
business contact manager and active sync etc..

Oliver Vukovics

Hi John,

on this site, the write:

"I've been playing with Palm's new Treo 700w. The PDA phone runs Microsoft's
latest greatest Windows Mobile 5.0 mobile operating system and its
provisioned by Verizon Wireless' EVDO network"

It seems, you will need Windows Mobile 5.0.


the calendar will sync only if you click once on the appointment time and
type , and then press enter. if you double click to bring up the appointment
box and then hit save and close this item will not transfer to the phone.
This is a microsoft glitch I believe with the active sync and microsoft 2007

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