Symantec Client MSI


Steve Holzman

I am trying to add "symantec's norton antivirus
client" .msi file to a gp. I get this error..

"add operation failed. Can not extract deployment
information from package- Run validation on package to
ensure package is correct."

I built this package with Norton's 8.0 package builder
that generates an msi file.
I tried:
- I removed norton's client software from the server
that I was modifying the gp..
- Building a msi client that only supports nt/2000/xp.

Any help would be appreciated

Carolyn Napier [MSFT]

You can typically see this error if one of the following conditions is true:

(-) the package is already installed on the deployment machine (the one where
you're adding the .msi file)
(-) the sysvol is full or almost out of space
(-) user attempting deployment was not a local admin

Check out the following KB articles Q324886, Q281614, and Q262638:
<;en-us;324886 >
<;en-us;281614 >
<;en-us;262638 >

SP4 of Win2k has updates to eliminate the problems in the 1st and 3rd items in
the list.

Outside of that, try running validation on the package itself to see if it
highlights any errors that may cause problems. You can run validation using the
Orca tool included in the Windows Installer SDK (simply install orca.msi).

Hope this helps,
- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

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I've encountered this same problem and last time I checked Symantec's
response was simply that they did not support deploying SAV via group

My work around for this was to have packager create a silent install and
create an .exe. Then I used a MSI wrapper which via vb script calls the SAV
package. This has worked very well for me across thousands of computers.



Can you explain how create your solution
"Then I used a MSI wrapper which via vb script calls the SAV
package. This has worked very well for me across thousands of computers."




I used installshield to make an windows installer which uses a custom
action(vbscript) to call the the symantec antivirus package. If you want I
will send you my msi wrapper.


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